Community Park Buildings and Pavilions

Our community center building and pavillions is a place for all of our citizens to spend time together. From holding a community fundraiser, to hosting an event, having a family gathering or curating that once in a lifetime celebration, our facilities will accomodate most anything.  The Park building is equipped with a full kitchen and indoor facilities, and the two outdoor pavillions boast grills and plenty of seating.  Outdoor facilities are open May through September.  You can also choose to reserve one of the four pavillions located at the City Lake.

The Park building can be rented for a $75.00 rental fee plus a $75.00 refundable deposit.  Reservation papers and rent must be filled out and paid before using the building.  

Pavillions at Forest park CAN be reserved for $50.00 each.                                                                                                                  Karlene May park, Donnohue Dugan and the City lake pavillions CAN be reserved for a fee of $25.00 each.

If you have not reserved a pavillion but would like to use one anyway, anything NOT reserved is first come, first serve.  Please respect any reserved signs that may be present.  Reservations are for an entire day and evening unless specified.  Please contact City Hall for any special accomodations.

Reservations for the Park and pavillions can be made at City Hall in person or call 660-476-2631 for more options.